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Our Story

How The Crosswalks Came to be

Tree-lined and traversed

Armour Boulevard is home to some of Kansas City’s most beautiful and stately historic architecture and is integrated into the long-standing residential communities that it runs through.

Troost Avenue, a vital artery for Kansas City, has been a vibrant commercial thoroughfare with bustling local shops, restaurants, and markets. They are two streets with distinct characters that meet at a very special point: The intersection of Armour Blvd. and Troost Ave. also marks the coming together of four different neighborhoods. Though Troost has long been regarded as a dividing line in the city, at its vacant intersection with Armour was the opportunity to strengthen connections- across two streets, between four neighborhoods, and with the rest of Kansas City. The Crosswalks, bringing homes, businesses, and renewed activity, will further activate this unique intersection once again.

The Design

The design of The Crosswalks was shaped by the desire to foster interaction,

as well as relate to the historic characters of the streets that it connects.

Each building is L-shaped with an open plaza at the corner that embraces the intersection. These open areas face each other and will have seating and landscaping to add beauty and enliven the streetscape, as well as provide outdoor spaces for interaction. All of the main residential entrances face the quieter, more private Armour Boulevard side, while retail entrances engage with the more bustling activity of Troost Avenue. Just as Armour Blvd. is admired for its historic aesthetic, so is Troost for its vibrant, creative, and progressive streetscape. The Crosswalks’ exterior design combines a more traditional color and material palette on Armour with bolder, more modern gestures along Troost.

Crosswalks KC Armour Troost
Crosswalks Retail

Respecting the past

fostering connection

With respect to the past, each of the Crosswalk’s buildings is named after previous establishments that once occupied this uncommon intersection, which in their time also served to foster connection.

Looking toward the future, The Crosswalks, filled with engaged neighbors and thriving businesses, will become a destination in Kansas City, making this intersection a place where people from all over the city will come together and connect.

Crosswalks Retail
Crosswalks Resident Events Kansas City
Crosswalks Fitness Center

Located in the Heart of KC


The intersection of Armour Boulevard and Troost Avenue is rich in culture and has long held a vibrant sense of community among its residents. Behind the development of The Crosswalks was the desire to not only be part of a great neighborhood but to be responsible neighbors and active participants in an already established thriving community.

Living at The Crosswalks in Midtown means that you’re connected to the best that Kansas City has to offer. Whatever scene you’re in the mood for when your home base is Midtown you have easy access to Westport, Martini Corner, Country Club Plaza, Downtown, and the Crossroads Art District.

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The Team Behind the Scene

Our Team

The Crosswalks is brought to you by Mac Properties, made up of professional and dedicated Leasing, Resident Services, and Maintenance teams who work together to provide the highest level of care for Mac’s residents and their homes.

Mac takes pride in managing many beautiful historic buildings on Armour Boulevard as well as other exciting new developments such as 3435 Main, Arc on Armour, and 520 East.

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